CD Exchange: List of the best music cd exchanges.

Top CD ExchangesCountriesAdsGeneralPricing / ModelReferralsOther Notes
#1 CD Exchange is
USANoGet 1 free cd to help get you started. Post 10 cds and get 1 free. Sister Sites: & Transfer credits easily between all three sites. Founded 2006.$0.49 per trade. Pay to Ship/Free to receive. 1:1 Credit System. Purchase Credits for $3.45.Yes. Tiered Referral system for credits and PBS money.Trade tapes & other media in discussion forums.
Other Notables: not CDs only    
Swap CDs on ExCDs.comeXcds.comYes[cds, dvds, games]…details under multiple category   
thecdexchange.comInternational[cds & dvds]…details under multiple category  
cdexchange.caCanada[cds, dvds, games]…details under multiple category  
lala.comInternationalStarted as a cd exchange but switched to live, digital music..   
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