Swap Books: List of the best sites to swap books.

Top Sites to Swap BooksCountriesAdsGeneralPricing / ModelReferralsOther
Swap Books on PaperBackSwap.comPaperBackSwap.comUSANoNot Just PaperBacks. Get 2 free books to help get you started. Post 10 books and get 2 free. Sister Sites: SwapaCD.com & SwapaDVD.com. Transfer credits easily between all three sites. Founded 2004.Pay to Ship/Free to receive. 1:1 Credit System. Purchase Credits for $3.45.Yes. Tiered Referral system for credits and PBS money. Fundraiser program available. …more details.Box-O-Books. Audio Books
No ARCs.
Swap Books on Bookmooch
InternationalNoExchange books internationally, therefore you can request books in different languages. Site may be viewed in multiple languages as well. Founded 2006. Angel Network to help a person in need of a book from another country..Pay to Ship/Free to receive. Variable Point System. Receive 1/10th of a point for each book listed. You have to send out at least 1 book for every 2 you receive. Purchase Points = No. ..click for detailsNo.Audio Books
Swap ARC’s
Swap Books on WhatsOnMyBookshelf
InternationalYesFor every 5 books that you register on the site you will receive 1 credit (for the first 100 books posted). Founded 2006. View swaps by location.Pay to ship/Free to receive. Point System. Purchase points for $2.00.No. 

InternationalYesNot a true swapping site but worth the mention > Read & Release your books into the wild. Launched April 17, 2001.Leave your book somewhere.. free. Find a book somewhere… free.No. 
Swap Books on ReadItSwapIt
UKYesFree Swapping Site in the UK. Members have 5-star ratings as feedback scores. Almost 300,000 books in the system.Pay to Ship/Free to receive. Direct Swaps. …click for details.No. 
Swap Books on Readers United
InternationalNoMembers have reputations to uphold. Hard to tell much more… No about us page. List 7 books and get 20 credits (first book).Pay to ship/Free to receive. Variable Point System based on cost of book, condition & est. postage. Purchase 20 credits for $10 or $.50 each.Yes. Get 4-8 credits based on Friend vs. Group referrals as well as your own reputation. 
Swap Books on Bookswapper.de
GermanyNoIt’s the first English bookswap site in Germany. List 5 books and get 1 free token. Surplus tokens are swept quarterly.Pay to ship/Free to receive. 1:1 Token System. …click for details.Yes. Earn 1 token after signup swaps 1 book successfully.Audio Books.
Swap Manga on Mangatude.com
InternationalYesCan trade pretty much anything manga/anime related – books, DVDs, toys, stickers, cards, etc.Direct swaps – pay to ship, free to receive. No points involved.Nothing for referrals (currently).Manga Database. Forums coming soon.
Other Notables: not Books only      
TitleTrader.com  [cds, dvds, games]…details under multiple categories   
Swap Books on BookinsBookins.com  [books, cds, dvds, games]…details under multiple categories   
Rent Books   
Swap Books on FrugalReader.com
Gone. USAYesList 5 books and get 1 free, or 9 and get 2 free. Founded 2004.Pay to Ship/Free to receive. 1:1 Credit System. Free Standard Membership. $25 Annual fee for Premium Membership. Purchase credits for $2.99.Yes. 1 credit after signup post at least 5 books.Audio Books & ARCs.